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Joan Greer has worked in the security industry since 1982. She worked at Southern California Edison for over 20 years managing the various contract security vendors.  Joan was a Security Services Project Manager for several offsite locations in Los Angeles, Ventura & Tulare Counties. Joan coordinated, and was involved, with many corporate security complex investigations, and has written several security procedures.

She has worked directly with Corporate Property Management conducting inspections and tracking on Edwards EST 3 Fire Systems. Joan provided the corporation with analysis and recommendations that may have a minor to moderate impact on the corporate headquarters fire system devices such as thermal smoke detectors, fire systems, and flow devices.  She conducted a self-auditing program to assist in the assurance that fire systems were properly maintained and functioning properly.

Joan has conducted several Security Assessments and made recommendations for many critical facility infrastructures.

joan pic.jpg
         Joan F. Greer
   Director of Operations

Mike Gomez Account Manager

Mike pic 2.png
     Mike Gomez
   Account Manager

Robert has worked in the security industry since 1989. In 2005 Robert was a security instructor training security personnel for Southern California Edison.  He has written several training manuals for security officer training.  Robert was a certified training instructor for ACAS Alhambra and Gateway Central Alarm Stations. Robert was responsible for the supervision of over 25 security officers and the safety and security for 7 field locations including the critical facility infrastructures.  He served in the US Navy as a nuclear engineer

robert pic.jpg
  Robert Wayne Combs Jr.
      Operations Manager
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