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G&C Protective Services is not a clone of the hundreds of security companies on the scene today.  Every service we offer our clients is conducted with a high level of integrity and commitment.  We are committed to having satisfied customers.  When you hire us, we form a strong partnership with each and every client building trust and confidence for a long-lasting relationship.


Custom Service Plans

  • Customized Patrol Routes

  • Armed Response

  • Mobile Security Patrols

  • Fire Watch

  • CCTV Monitoring

  • Bike Patrol

  • Security Assessments

  • Parking Management

Mobile Phone

Security Reports

Security Guard

Security Personnel

We use GPS tracking software that is capable of providing us and our clients with paperless real time reporting.  Officers are able to send video as well as photos. The software is very user friendly and it provides us and our client with peace of mind.

Our Security Officers are well trained ,certified and professional. provide services for hotels, shopping centers, HOA's, Parking Lots Construction, Retail, Hospitals Special Events, Private Parties and more.

Our Goal is to not only provide "Good Customer Service" We want to provide "Excellent Customer Service". Here at GCPS we always want to exceed and be excellent instead of just being good.  Good customer service means meeting expectations- but excellent customer service means exceeding them.

Ensuring Excellent Customer Service


Client partnership with a shared goal.

Partnering with our clients gives them peace of mind.  They are in on "Who, What, When, Why and How"  An honest company doesn't keep their clients in the dark about their property.  If you are doing things correctly and professionally there isn't any need not to share day-to-day operations with them.​


Most companies do not allow their clients to give advice on Post Orders, Direct Orders or on any of their training programs.  That's if they have a training program......  Let's face it Contract Security has a bad reputation and that is why we strive to be different.  GCPS has experience working for companies where we were the client, and we had Contract Security at our locations.  That experience opened up the doors of reality for us so that we can have a better relationship with our clients and an understanding of their needs.

We are not going to tell you that we are the best, or that we are number one.  What we will say is that we will work with you every step of the way so that you are comfortable, happy and trusting of your security vendor.  We will work hard to keep high turn over rates lower by treating our security staff with dignity and respect. Respect goes a long way and if the Security Guards like where they work they will want to come to work.


 If the price means more to you than quality service then maybe we are not the vendor for you.  Although we are not the most expensive or the most inexpensive service, we will work out a price for you that is fair for our partnership. 

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